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We are two young software developers based in Nottingham that founded Tentaclecream Ltd. in September 2014. We currently have just one application, but we are a young company with refreshing ideas and a deep technical knowledge on software development.

Our plans are to reach different customers and sectors to develop bespoke software solutions that fit the requirements of our customers. We have several years of experience in the business and a broad set of technical skills that range from building complex tools such as analysis cubes to designing bespoke extensions for browsers.




We develop applications fitted to your needs, we are looking forward to designing, implementing and maintaining the best solution to your needs.

We will look into your business and suggest what we think it's best for you. We follow the win-win discipline, meaning your success it's our success, and even though you will always have the last word on every decision we will advise you all the way through our relationship.

We are very proud of our outstanding support, which means we will always be there for you and specially for your clients, so they have the best possible experience.


Basque Country Blood Donors


The Basque Country is a northern region of Spain that has a special blood donor’s system. Apart from the designated blood donor centres, a fully equipped bus moves from town to town to make more convenient for frequent blood donors to pop in and donate.

This application was created to help donors locating the bus, keeping track of their donations and reminding them when they can donate again.